“The recipe is straightforward – imagination – inspiration – the finest local ingredients – local farm beef, Cotswold lamb, sea bass and lobsters from Kynance Cove Cornwall are all used when available and in season. Garden vegetables and herbs, some from our “patch” behind the kitchen. Much from within 10 miles. A highly-skilled kitchen – careful preparation – perfection in execution – scrubbed oak and antique pine tables – warmth – hospitality – you can even taste the anticipation! Award winning for food and wine – acclaimed by the good pub guide. And (importantly!) No jacket required!”


freshThe Vine Tree has a well-established reputation for innovative, fresh, seasonal food which we are justifiably proud of – we always endeavour to use local ingredients whenever we can, but we never compromise quality for locality. We always use top notch ingredients and go to great lengths to source the more unusual components of a particular dish with huge enthusiasm – we strive to excel at what we do and relish the positive feedback we receive from customers – we are always prepared to listen to what they have to say and endeavour to include their requests whenever feasible.

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to live in such a beautiful location, surrounded by numerous amazing local farmers, gamekeepers and producers literally on our doorstep – over the years we have built up exceptionally close relationships with them all which enables us to steal a march by acquiring everything we need the instant it comes into season or is available.

As flagged up previously, we are very proud to use locally produced ingredients and our local suppliers are all well known to us personally and our relationship with them has evolved over the years into a great two way friendship – the following is a list of just a few of them – if you are at all interested in knowing any more information about any of them, please ask and I will happily give it to you.

EGGS – 100 billion percent Free Range – Bruce and Gail from their farm in nearby Sherston Village.

MEAT – Tony, CAM Family Butchers, funnily enough, based in Cam – an inspiring family success story – they supply us with the most incredibly, reliably delicious, often very local (some of their beef is grown on our neighbours’ farm) meat.

FISH & SEAFOOD – Flying Fish – Johnnie and Sandy who we speak to every morning – always a happy conversation! They go the extra mile to source any fish our Head Chef desires!

CRAB & LOBSTERS – Bernie and her husband who bravely goes out in all weathers to tender his pots – based at their farm in Kynance Cove Cornwall.

GAME & VENISON – Stan & Will, two very lovable local rogues who also happen to be fantastic game keepers – both based in Wiltshire.

VEGETABLES & DAIRY – 5aDay – Ken, based at Lowerfield Farm Coate, Devizes – fantastic, consistent produce and a great attitude towards customer service, which counts for a lot.

FANTASTIC SPROUTS – supplied by Andrew Hibbard (universally known and loved as “Wallace”) from Sherston – another family success story – they are beautiful and arrive on large stalks.

MUSHROOMS – Marlborough Mushrooms – run by the redoubtable Dewi – fascinating exhaustive subject – I never knew we had so many indigenous delicious varieties.

MANGALITSA PORK – Buttle Farm in Compton Bassett – Robert Buttle – one of life’s true characters and “bonkers” about his beautiful pigs, who I have to say are totally divine and amazing looking too – each pig arrives with it’s own personal certificate!

CHARCUTERIE – Simon from The Real Boar Company – just a few farms away the other side of The Fosse Way – he has succeeded in a very competitive field and although not the cheapest his produce is always consistently yummie and a firm favourite on our menus – our Sharing Charcuterie Boards are a permanent fixture due to popular demand.

All of the food on our frequently changing menus is freshly prepared and cooked to order at The Vine Tree by our enthusiastic kitchen team – the combination of their undeniable talent and passion pooled with the use of the finest ingredients available, we believe allows the true taste and flavour of a dish to shine through.

The Vine Tree is also well known for our extensive selection of wonderful, incredibly fresh fish and seafood which arrives by courier daily straight from the markets in Devon and Cornwall – in the majority of cases we can literally trace it back to the boat and skipper! Char-Grilled Fresh Cornish Lobster from Kynance Cove with Garlic Garden Herb Butter, Home made Lime Mayonnaise, Griddled Lemon, Dressed Seasonal Leaves and French Fries literally flies out of the door during the Summer months – “Total Heaven” with a glass of Chilled Pic Poul de Pinet or a Muscadet…