Cakes, Glorious Cakes!

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have a brilliant team of innovative chefs in our kitchen so provided we are given enough notice we are always prepared to rise to the challenge and make you a personalised cake to fit in with your celebration – be it for a special birthday, wedding anniversary or for your favourite 4 footed friend (and yes, it has happened and we did do it too!!!) The price varies depending on the design, but starts in the region of £5 upwards per person.


cake-2The increasingly accepted behaviour for a restaurant to charge a customer for bringing their own cake into their establishment (apparently becoming quite the norm in London and bigger cities) is always a contentious subject for everyone in our industry – in all fairness I can perfectly appreciate why it is not a popular move from the customers point of view but from the restaurateurs side we have a different slant on the issue – please consider that by bringing your own cake in to consume instead of a pudding immediately buy levitra means the loss of income for that course, plus the undeniable fact that we are also usually expected to hide it until it is required (presents its own problems if it is warm or/and large), provide a suitable serving plate/dish, light candles, supply more plates, cutlery and napkins, (all of which need to be washed up afterwards) dance in attendance and frequently provide the music too – all for “nothing” – put like this, I hope YOU can appreciate that we in turn feel that we are getting the rough end of the deal…

We therefore reserve the right to charge £3.50 per person Cakeage to cover the above.

…but, another solution!

We definitely aren’t in anyway mean spirited and genuinely LOVE celebrations and parties of all descriptions, so if you would still prefer to supply your own cake, then as long as it isn’t a 5 tier one that needs to be wheeled in on a horse then we are very happy for you to bring it along to be served after your meal with your coffee – equanimity restored!